This site was devised as a fun way to learn the periodic table. I built it because when I was trying to learn the first 36 elements of the periodic table for a chemistry course, I couldn't find a game that fit my needs. This game will in fact help you learn all 118 of them! It's built from the ground up in React JS which I think is pretty cool, given the subject matter. This is just the bare bones of the project and I have lots other ideas for it, but for now, go crazy, learn your elements. I hope you have fun! Play the periodic table game!

I'm adding new learning games to the site over time. Check back for what's new!

Buy me a Beer?

As I mentioned, the site is pretty basic, but I think it's a good fun learning resource. I use it myself! Also I have a lot more plans for it. But if you find it useful and you want to contribute to my electricity bill, you can! Already a lot of work has gone into programming the site, so I would appreciate it!


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There Will be Bugs

Found a bug? I'm pretty sure there will be some, I just don't know where yet. If you find one, please message me at clare@happychemtrails.com and let me know about it. Please also attach an error message, a screen cap, a "whatever made you find the bug" notification so I can track it down, capture it, and free it over the balcony.